And we’re back (for a little while…)

After battling with a pretty bad case of bronchitis, I am finally on the mend, and with lots of news to share!

First things first…I saved a bunch of money on my car insurance….HA! No really. The big news of the moment, of course, is that another Mr. will be joining the family in October. You heard right. Lorelei and I will always be hopelessly outnumbered! And Lorelei retains her sole rights as Daddy's Girl…and the laundry will be more blues than pinks. Proof that you shouldn't mess with statistics, either. But the boys are ecstatic that they are adding a little brother! We are all happy…the boys loved seeing the baby wiggle and move on the screen and have been talking about it all day long. I, for one, always have to fight tears at the ultrasound~ it is so amazing to me. And the technician captured these wonderful profile shots of his little face and hands, from the little peak of his nose to his grasping fist. So stunning, so real, so miraculous.

And in other news, the 29th marks our fifth anniversary as a couple. We are sneaking off for some much needed quiet time this weekend. I don't know where we are going, as it is James' turn to plan this year, and he always surprises me. All I know is, I  will be going with the love of my life, my Knight, my Beloved, my everything, and that is all that matters. So lucky to be blessed with such an amazing guy who showers me with his love. Can't wait to escape and turn off all the technology and just relax and enjoy each other's company. (Without the jabbering of the kids, of course- thanks Nana and PopPops!)

I hope to post some more pictures soon, as well as some projects, but if I don't re-appear until Monday, you'll know I am off in la-la land!


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