So I’ve been thinking…



ha! And as my entire family knows, this is quite dangerous.

One, I have an amazing and wonderful husband, who is soon to be a fourth-time father. No rookie dad here! The sacrifices he has made for us are tremendous. I am so glad that God gave him to us, and that my kids have a tremendous dad. That, and I shouldn’t leave my blog access open in cookies, or the blog bandit (*ahem* James) will hit again. That, and it cracks me up that our/my favorite love songs are "country". It is one of the stories of our love, to cop a song title…city girl meets country boy, hates country music, and now, will willfully and happily admit to enjoying it. It seems part of the fabric of our lives here.

Two…this is gonna be a long summer. Phew. Kinda been struggling with what to do with said long hot summer. Did I mention I have three kids under four, pregnant, and seriously lacking in the energy department? Now, did I mention how much I love blogland? Because Courtney and Camp Russell  have done a lot of the work for me. Of course, there shall be some tweaking for the messicrew, but I think she has come up with an amazing and workable solution. That, and I love her blog.

Three…(see, I told you this was dangerous)…rain is good. Very very good. Especially when you live in the country. Bad hayfever + no rain= very sick momma. Too much dust. Not enough of anything else, and insufferably hot unless a breeze gets going. I never realized how much humidity affected things! We are in the middle of a pretty awful drought here in East Tennessee…so rain is very very good. We have been praying for rain every night.

Four… (I promise I’ll stop here). Art and beauty are good. Without the gift of creating, I would miss a lot. Art allows me to slow down and contemplate what is going on. Sometimes the act of making a scrapbook page will send a cascade of revelations and emotions I haven’t thought about…making a dress made me contemplate relationships with the women in my life…it kind of stops the clock for a minute. Emily Falconbridge has been hosting the Deck of Me challenge on her blog, and each challenge has really gotten me thinking. Tony’s post  about her  nest getting smaller reminded me why I am capturing the moments of my wee ones right now. They aren’t gonna stay that way. I have loosely begun to keep a Blessings journal/scrapbook, where I have begun to document God’s blessing and movement in my life, sometimes writing down a favorite passage of scripture and embellishing around it with colored pencils or paint, or whatever strikes my fancy…an art journal of sorts, but also a kind of prayer journal…a chronicle of fears and prayers and answers and miracles… it starts (and the guiding principle behind the journal, I guess I should say)  with this verse:

One thing I ask of the LORD,this is what I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the LORD and to seek him in his temple. (Psalms 27:4)

So there you go. That’s what’s been bouncing in my fuzzy, stuffed pregnant brain these past few days. I told you it was bad! 😉


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