The signs of summer…

DressSummer is ushering in with it's usual breath of hot insufferable air…thank goodness for summer fun! We found a soaker sprinkler ring for a bargain, and the boys enjoyed it *just a little bit*~ they would only leave kicking and screaming! But with a promise to get to play again, they finally settled down.

And summer means breezy dresses… and my first try at sewing clothing. Lorelei is wearing my first experiment. It was the first time I have sewn clothing (except for the time I "helped" my mom sew some jumpers way back when- she did all the work!). I am pleased with how it came out. It was relatively simple, except for the bias tape around the sleeves and neck… that took a bit of practice. The next one I make will be much easier I imagine. I plan to make about four or five of these with some  fabric I have  found on clearance…I love that I don't have to worry too much if they get messed up, as they literally only cost me a $1, and they come together in about an hour or so.

Now I have a stack of pictures I want to catch up on, so I'll have some scrapping loveliness soon!


3 responses to “The signs of summer…”

  1. Gorgeous dress and that sprinkler looks like fun!

  2. I love all the signs of summer! Great post and I love your banner!

  3. Well done on the sewing! It looks great, by the time she gets married you should be good enough to make the dress 🙂

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