scrap happy

Playing in the paintbox…

So today was one of those days…rainy. Drip through the
eaves, cold drafts under the door, winter-style rainy. Yuk.

The good news? Today was National Scrapbooking Day, so
2peas was having a huge online crop with door prizes and fun. Ali Edwards has
some great challenges posted on the CKMB as well…in short, lots of inspiration
floating around in cyberspace today. It was so cool to see my girlfriends Gigi
and Stephanie featured in the special NSD gallery at 2peas. I also got quite a
bit of scrapping done today, since James gave me the “day off”…he took the kids
and dinner duty while I played in the paint box. So much fun.

I feel like I am finally finding my own “groove”…things
that work for me, that I love. I am not imitating anyone else at this point,
or, at best, I am pulling from so many inspirations that what results is
organic. I have been using paint quite a bit lately…it’s really starting to be
my favorite way to embellish my pages. Gigi sent me this dot stipler that I am
really enjoying playing around with- you can use it with paint or ink, and it
creates a really cool texture. I guess that is what I have been experimenting
with the most- texture and balance. It’s fun to stretch as an artist into new
mediums, trying new things.

Hope you enjoy my play time today!


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