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What a beautiful day it was today! Our baby birds are growing and chirping and making quite a racket, as James says "they sound rather adolescent now…" It won’t be long before they learn how to spread their wings. And we’ll get our grill back, in time for the warmer weather.

I have often extended hospitality to a friend or church member that is feeling a bit under weather…You know, it’s just something we do…pack up a meal and head on over…it has become  somewhat routine to me. But I often forget what this means to the receiver. I find myself on the receiving end after struggling with a strange bout of vertigo apparently unrelated to the pregnancy- if you’ve never experienced true vertigo, the doctor likened it to "riding a rollercoaster all the time". It’s on odd condition, in that one moment you’ll feel okay, and a few minutes later you’re swearing the earth switched rotation patterns, and there is nothing you can do to "shake it off". You can imagine what this must be like for a young mom with three kids…when your head is spinning faster than your kamikaze two year old toddler, it’s odd. Anywhoo- the doctor prescribed some medication that is helping immensely. The sweet blessing in all of this is that some good friends found out that I was feeling under the weather and have arranged to bring meals over for a few days. It was so wonderful tonight to not have to think about the whole dinner process, or have to stand and cook…and the food was wonderful. It was as much food for my soul as it was food for my stomach…someone cared! They stepped out of their everyday routine to bless me. For that, I am truly thankful. I think I often forget how easily I can bless someone else with my time, and this has served as a reminder to me. It just takes a few minutes, and can give encouragement. Who can you bless today?

I mentioned some various "emergency kits"  I have on hand, one of which is the  "Bored List"…here’s one of my favorite sites to visit when the  rain is pouring and I need non-tv related entertainment for the children…it’s also great for the rare sick day.

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