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Good Sir Knight…

Crafty_goodness_009The trumpets were blasting (yes, I know that looks like a train whistle, but it is a trumpet today!)…the Knight was ready to go. To fight dinosaurs, of course.

We are gently starting some purposeful character lessons with the boys these days. Earlier in the week I had a long conversation with Ben about who a Knight is…fair, kind, with a strong faith, and nice to his siblings. I don't know much he and Isaiah actually understood of the conversation…but it's a first step on their path to manhood and understanding God's calling on their life. How delighted I was to find this armor at Target yesterday! For 10.99, no less. It's an answer to prayer, actually. I have been looking for something like this for a while, but the nice wooden swords and shields run upwards of $30 or $40, which is out of our budget.

I had told the boys that in celebration of school being out for the year and them really trying at being kind and not getting impatient or rude, they could pick out a small toy at the store. We were considering some Thomas trains, but as soon as Ben saw the armor, both of the boys wanted some. And in just one day they have already headed out on adventures and caught strange things ( a hanger monster, oh my!)… and saved Lorelei from certain pain when she got a bit too close to the stairs today. Whew! That's a lot of work for two Knights. Which is why they are sleeping quite soundly in their beds tonight, I imagine…

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