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Curiosity and learning…

It is starting to feel like Spring might stay around this time, but at this point I wouldn't guarantee anything…but we are sure enjoying turning off the central heat/air and letting the breezes blow through.  Funny how fresh air works…I have spent the last few weeks quite ill, and now that the weather is warming up and fresh breezes and warm air have reappeared, my health has vastly improved.  Thank goodness. As they say, "when momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy".

We took a trip to the library today. I am ashamed to think about how very very long it has been since we have made a library visit- far too long. The boys picked out some books on firefighters, trains, and Noah's ark. I picked up a book I had been eyeing at the bookstore forever, called Home Comforts: The Art and Science of  Keeping House by Cheryl Mendelson. It is a fascinating and helpful, two good qualities in a book. I think I may actually buy it eventually. Any one who is responsible for taking care of the home would enjoy this I think…it is neither didactic or condescending…it is as far from Martha Stewart as you can get, but dispenses common-sense advice that is easily followed. 

The sights around my house today- curiostiy, hard work, inventiveness…the boys spent hours making a town with a train today, and then went on to reading their books after dinner. We no longer have a TV on the main level, or cable…it is amazing how happy these kids are, and where they go everyday in their imagination. Removing our TV after being such horrible couch potatoes has truly affected our lives for the better.  It was so very hard at first…and now it would seem strange  to be the other way. Of course, James and I probably spend a bit too much time on the computer in the evening…but at least we are still engaging with other people through message boards, emails, and blogs, particularly since most of our friends live hours away.

We also have a secret to share…our grill has some rather cute residents. It was one of the nicest affects of the strange weather, as we had not had time to clean and ready our grill for grilling season…some birds found it to be a perfect place to raise a young family. We would much rather give up our grill for a month or two for these vital residents of nature, then clean it all out and kill the birds (parent birds will not return to a nest if it has been moved, even a foot, and the babies would die)…besides the fact that it has been immense fun to watch and observe them as the babies grow.


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  1. gigi Avatar

    what sweet little birdies!!! i always love how intricate bird nests are…really beautiful.
    & glad to hear you had fun at the library! kate is still in that stage where she pulls every single book off the shelf so i have to run behind her cleaning up the floor while ryan does every single wooden puzzle he can get his hands on & kelly piles up the “we’ll take it” books. kinda like an aerobic routine…which i guess can’t hurt since summer is on it’s way 😉
    hope you are having a great week! xoxoxo gi

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