I have the cutest helper in the kitchen…

I had one of those heart-thudding moments with Lorelei last night. I remember having them with both Ben and Isaiah, but I have never wrote it down, and I don’t want to forget again!

She was having a hard time falling asleep last night, and she was so sleepy…but I know better than to take her out of her crib or she will be looking around like a meerkat(like Timon from the Lion King)  and not fall asleep! So I pulled the rocking chair up next to the crib where she could see me. She calmed down quickly and just stared and stared at me. Her eyes would start to droop, and then she would open them again and smile sweetly at me, and then close her eyes again. Each time she would open her eyes, smile, and close them again. And then, she reached up and grabbed my finger. She fell asleep like that.

Oh be still my heart! It is these little moments when your heart if fit to burst with love…to be so trusted, so wanted, so loved by someone who depends on your care. It’s just this moment, when all the sleep-deprivation, the fear, the crying, the dirty dishes and the umpteenth load of laundry all of the sudden seem so small in comparison to a love so big. It’s also awe-inspiring, the responsibility I have as a mother, and I get scared some times, that they won’t know how much I love them, how much I want the best for them, that I’ll screw up- but then moments like these happen and it’s all ok. " All is Well, and all Manner of things shall be well."

***In a motherly vein, a sweet Pea friend of mine, Jen Gallacher, is going through a rough time as a mommy- her oldest son Joey ( I believe he is 12), has been sent home with terminal cancer. They have not given him very long to live, and scrapbookers all over the world and joining together to offer support to the family, helping with the medical bills, and offering as much love as cyber-space can hold. Please keep her and Joey and their family in your prayers. If you would like to help, please visit the link in my Paying it Forward section on the right.  I can’t imagine what this has been like for her- in November he was perfectly healthy, and then a routine check up found a mass in his colon. In less than four months he has gone from a perfectly healthy child to fighting for his life. It is stunning- and my heart aches for her. Please stop by and show them some love!***


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  1. that picture is too cute!!

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