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An end and a beginning…

The last of the HOF entries today… it was a lot of fun making these. I am not sure whether I will enter again next year or not- I feel like I must improve my Photoshop skills and techniques to truly be competitive, but I don’t really have the time to focus that direction right now. I am continuing to enter some lower-level competitions and submitting to calls…it’ll be interesting to see what happens! I have some new projects I would like to start on soon- lots of inspiration floating around in my head- I can’t wait to have some time to just create and play!


2 responses to “An end and a beginning…”

  1. Breanne Avatar

    they’re beautiful, girlie! you rock just for trying!

  2. gigi kennedy Avatar

    they all are amazing…i LOVE the organza dotted ribbon frame..just genius!
    you must look at these all the time…such beautiful pages..
    happy friday! have fun w/ ST!!

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