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Boys: a sound with dirt on it…

I love my boys. But they are such boys! Today we went to spend some time with Nana and Nampa at their house…they have a huge back yard to run around in, complete with play set equipment. The boys had a total blast, as usual…but oh their clothes! And their hands! Ben's hands were so dirty they were almost gray colored…and I swear Isaiah was eating dirt. It just cracks me up. As the weather has warmed up both of the boys have busted through the knees of about four pairs of pants with their adventures, and the dirt is heavily caked into the seams. You should see the wash water when I run their play clothes! But as much as it annoys my "practical" mom side, the rest of me wants to go out and join them and go for a roll down the hill. I know that they are going to grow out of this so fast that I want to treasure every little torn seam. But not every speck of dirt!Amazing_017

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