Handbook 01.29.17

I was talking with a friend about our shared love of Tolkien, which reminded me of this quote, which reminded me of a picture Cmdr. Scott Kelly took from the ISS- (I believe of Spain?) as twilight was coming on, all the blues and blacks and grays and clouds swirled together, and the delicate glow of lights from the cities, the earth looking so fragil-y beautiful…

And there you have it. How an entry in the handbook comes about. (28/365)

Handbook 01.27.17

We started into The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe today. Frankly, I just wanted to draw Edmund’s angry face when Lucy is telling about the wardrobe for the first time. I took artistic license with the tapestries for a wee bit of foreshadowing (though the kids don’t know it yet). I figure the Professor would have had some made, describing his memories. (See the silver leafed Tree of Life on the left, from the Magician’s Nephew?) And of course, Aslan. But they haven’t seen him yet. Lucy might have recognized the trees in the tapestry, had the ones she’d seen not been covered in snow. More of that Secret of Kells/Song of the Sea influence, of course. (26/365)

Handbook 01.26.17

My kids asked to listen back through the Chronicles of Narnia again, so we started the Magician’s Nephew the other day. The audio book we have is really well done and it makes your imagination soar. In my head, Narnia looks a bit Secret of Kells and Song of the Sea-ish. Here they are at the Forest Between The Worlds, as Aslan is preparing Polly and Diggory to return to an England that will soon march off to war. 25/365