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    Towards the light…

    Morning light
    Mid-day light.
    Mid-afternoon light.
    Late afternoon light.

    Turn your face towards the sun and the shadows will fall behind you.

    – Maori proverb

    (Continuing my photographic exploration of looking for the light yesterday.)

    Just a quick note: If you followed along with the Finding Home series, you might enjoy Kort’s series this month about Homeschooling and Working From Home with Ease. It was the series I really, really needed back in the day. While I dealt with the big heart issues in Finding Home, she’s talking about the nitty gritty day to day helps in scheduling, apps to use, and so much more.

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    Learning to flourish…



    I was so very happy to be a part of Sarah Mackenzie’s (Amongst Lovely Things) bi-monthly newsletter called Flourish for March. It is being edited by my good friend, Kortney Garrison, and it was such a treat to be a part of it. I’ve long enjoyed receiving the encouragement that comes with each newsletter, so it was nice to turn the tables and encourage others! By clicking on the link above you can go straight to the issue, but I’d definitely recommend a subscription!

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    She who…

    photo (6)

    She who reconciles the ill-matched threads

    Of her life, and weaves them gratefully

    Into a single cloth-

    It’s she who drives the loudmouths from the hall

    And clears it for a different celebration.

    -Rainer Maria Rilke

    I haven’t jumped on the 31 days train this year, but there are a few writers’ series that have been truly helping me to reconcile those threads. Perhaps you’d enjoy them too?

    Hannah E. Vazquez- Good Grief: 31 Days

    Emily P. Freeman- 31 Artists Who Influence

    Elizabeth Foss- 31 Days of Running Into Myself

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    yarn along, feb 19th

    photo (59)

    Switching gears this week, I had to put down the cowl for my sweet Lorelei’s scarf. She’s been learning how to knit herself from a kit she received for Christmas, but as I well know, it’s hard when you are first learning. After a tearful episode last week, I realized that she really wanted to wear the scarf before it got to warm, so I’ve helped her along a bit. She knits one row, I knit ten. 😉

    Since I’ve gotten back in the writing groove, I’ve found my tastes swinging wildly. Sometimes I just want good clean fun, sometimes I’m reading a book not so much for content but for structure. The books I choose this week were an interesting experiment- I wanted to find books written either about Asian or Middle Eastern culture (or their culture set within Western culture). I didn’t realize in so doing I was also ensuring that each other was also writing in English as a second language. That is truly fascinating to me, particularly in structure and style- the words they chose and why and when. They were all very good books.

    The Cry of the Dove was just fascinating. The peek into someone’s life so very different from your own; the ending is truly heartbreaking though. Some might find the prose a little hard to follow but it is worth it to dig through it; the mechanics get a bit flipflopped at times. The Surrendered was just.oh. I don’t even have words. It’s a peek into the Korean war from the other side…I just…oof. So very, very good, and so very, very hard. It’ll live with you for a very long time. Absolutely five stars. It covers ground you don’t want to cover but you really need to. The prose work is masterful- I learned so much as a writer when I could tear myself away from the story. It’s so tightly woven. I’ve just started The Bonesetter’s Daughter. I’ve read Amy Tan before…the way she renders relationships makes you remember your own, even if the story is about a girl, halfway around the world.

    Sharing with Ginny.

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    Weekend Reads


    Kelly Sauer- Why I Love the Holidays

    Arianne @ Still Parenting- Thankful

    Brian Gardner- An Open Letter to Every Man Who Reads a Woman’s Blog

    Lora Lynn @Vita Familiae- To the Mamas of Littles During the Holidays

    Nicole @Gidget Goes Home- Announcing the Motherhood and Jane Austen Book Club

    Lisa Jo Baker writng for Deeper Story- A Southern Cross Love Song

    Megan Gahan- If I Hear You Go Quiet

    Preston Yancey writing for Mama:Monk (Micha Boyett)- One Good Phrase: People Show You Who They Are

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