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    Learning to flourish…



    I was so very happy to be a part of Sarah Mackenzie’s (Amongst Lovely Things) bi-monthly newsletter called Flourish for March. It is being edited by my good friend, Kortney Garrison, and it was such a treat to be a part of it. I’ve long enjoyed receiving the encouragement that comes with each newsletter, so it was nice to turn the tables and encourage others! By clicking on the link above you can go straight to the issue, but I’d definitely recommend a subscription!

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    grow like a fire…


    God speaks to each one of us only before we’re made, 

    then wanders with us silently out of the night;

    but the words uttered before each begins, 

    the misty words, are these:

    “Go you who are sent out by your senses;

    go out to the boundary of your yearning;

    clothe me with a garment.

    Grow like a fire behind things

    so that their shadows, spreading all about,

    cover me always and utterly.

    Let everything happen to you: beauty and dread.

    One must only go; no feeling is too remote. 

    Don’t let yourself part with me. 

    Near is the land

    you call life.

    You’ll recognize it 

    by its earnestness!

    Give me your hand.”

    – Rainer Maria Rilke

    Rainer Maria Rilke, [60], Prayers of a Young Poet. Trans. Mark S Burrows. Paraclete Press: © 2013.
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    She who…

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    She who reconciles the ill-matched threads

    Of her life, and weaves them gratefully

    Into a single cloth-

    It’s she who drives the loudmouths from the hall

    And clears it for a different celebration.

    -Rainer Maria Rilke

    I haven’t jumped on the 31 days train this year, but there are a few writers’ series that have been truly helping me to reconcile those threads. Perhaps you’d enjoy them too?

    Hannah E. Vazquez- Good Grief: 31 Days

    Emily P. Freeman- 31 Artists Who Influence

    Elizabeth Foss- 31 Days of Running Into Myself

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    Poet, bring light…


    A Poet

    A poet is someone

    Who can pour light into a cup,

    Then raise it to nourish

    Your beautiful parched, holy mouth.


    Thinking of John and Tonia today, who name the things hidden. I am blessed by their labor. If you haven’t read some of their poetry, high thee over there, now.

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    Hello November…

    IMG_4009 Welcome November. So grateful for a lovely Sabbath day filled with love and laughter, leaf raking and fence building. This day is tough on the little ones with the time change. Soft candles and lights soon after dinner help adjust those so very sensitive circadian rhthyms. It’s a practice I hope to carry into the rest of November as we journey into the darker times of year. The amazing “Gather” print was a lovely subscriber freebie from Taproot in the fall issue, done by the talented Nikki McClure. The lights are from the IKEA Christmas collection this year, but we loved them too much to hide away till then!