project life: the month of February


I am having a crisis of sorts here. I really, really, really like the idea of some weekly and monthly documentation going on in my life. I really, really like the concept of Project Life.


just finished the month of February in the book. (Right up until just before Elliana entered the hospital). February was two months ago.

I feel like I’m missing a process that would make this easier. The biggest hurdle for me already? The unique size of the pockets, which doesn’t match standard printing sizes. There is an awful lot of thought that has to go into which photos need to be printed and which orientation and then cropping all to fit. Which requires time. I don’t have a lot of that. Then, the photos, once printed, have to be trimmed to size. More time. I need a better way of getting photos into the album.

Ideally, I’d love to be able sit down on a Saturday afternoon each week and quickly pop in the pictures and documentation for the week. Realistically, I’m often doing these three or four weeks at a go and I’ve already begun to forget what happened when and which things I wanted in the book and why. If I still participated in social media extensively, it would probably be easy to track, (and I found that very helpful in the past when catching up on albums)–but I don’t, and what is put on Instagram is self-explanantory and doesn’t really help me remember what else was going on that week that I didn’t choose to document publicly. I’m thinking, at bare minimum, even if I can’t sit down and scrap at some point during the weekend, I need to grab twenty minutes and my paper brain and remind myself of what I want to do so that when I do have a chance to scrap, it’s all there waiting for me.


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paper brain…

overviewI have used many systems over the years, trying to keep myself organized. I’d print this one and that one off. I had a couple of actual notebook calendars that ran monthly/weekly. None of them really stuck for long. I’ve also been a journaler for a long time, but never seemed to actually finish a notebook through (and once I began blogging, this blog took the place of much of that journaling). When smart phones came along, I attempted to use a few online planners and calendars. I learned very quickly that virtual calendars didn’t work for me at all because I couldn’t see them.

I was in make-do mode for a long time. We’re talking years, people.

Way back, I picked up some cheap, small Moleskine notebooks to use as travel notebooks/scrapbooks. I used one of them for my Colorado album , but the others languished in storage for nearly five years. Around October of last year, I picked one of them up out of desperation for clear, blank paper, not necessarily a notebook. (Blank paper disappears quickly around here with so many young artistes about.) I needed it for meal planning.

Next thing I know, this small notebook is following me everywhere and keeping track of everything, and would you know it? I think I found a system. I call it my paper brain, and I’d be hopelessly lost without it. I filled up my first one about February of this year and have started into a new one (slightly thicker with book binding and the pocket at the back, which is so useful for holding grocery receipts). After struggling to find what I was looking for sometimes, I remembered Molly’s little tip about washi taping the edges to color code the organization, and with that, my system is complete. Beautiful and functional.


What I didn’t realize at first was how it was also collecting quotes that interest me. A tiny bit of art in a whole lot of functional. All but one (the ‘great and noble’ quote) were from the older notebook. Enjoy!

comeawake firstthings greatnoble lightin

Art Friday: progress, barely

A tiny bit of progress this week when I was able to steal a few minutes waiting for something to load- I’ve gotten Elliana’s birthday week into the book, but it lacks journaling and pretty-ing up.


The following week was Valentine’s week, And you can see the beginnings of that on the right hand page. I’m not sure what I want to put in the left. There’s also that long narrow strip in the right hand (Elliana’s birthday week) and the left hand (Valentine’s week), that I’ll have to decide what to do with.


I haven’t made any progress whatsover in actually cleaning up. I am not a piler by nature. A gatherer, maybe- I like being able to see things, but I also like them contained. And if I can’t find what I’m looking for, I really get frustrated. I also tend to work better standing, I think because I can see the whole thing at once and not at an angle. The desk (a very old Ikea standby) does go up to standing height (or even bi-level, like a drafting table), but the space I’m in doesn’t really work well for the standing position. I also tend to be working on multiple projects at once these days. I am only very rarely just scrapping and I need to be able to move projects in progress around. Katherine posted the other day and she happened to take shots of her raskog carts in her sewing space…That has gotten me to thinking. Regardless, there has to be a complete overhaul of the space. It is absolutely driving me bonkers at the moment. I at least tidied up the floor before I took this picture, but you can see all the piles, piled…it’s all underneath and to the side of the desk, too.



art friday: a creative mess

The truth of it is, it’s a total mess at the moment. I have pictures for most of February for Project Life, but I’ve only gotten as far as trimming them up from the printer. I’ve been all over the place recently, much of it work for the Restore workshop, all in a digital space- my fingers are absolutely itching to work analog. I’m coming to terms with the fact that I really need to overhaul my creative space. It’s just a piled up mess and it has been a piled up mess since we moved in. I also don’t scrapbook like I used to and some of the supplies I’ve had for-ev-er just need to go to a new home, which means happy mail giveaway soon for one of you lucky readers. :) but eesh. I’m so having creative block about what I need to do about making the space more functional.

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