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Yarn Along


It’s been a slow knitting and reading week. There hasn’t been much time. I’ve put in a few rows on each while waiting for something. I should sit down and figure the decrease again, because the gray one is decreasing oddly. I think I may have missed a stitch. I have barely scratched the surface of Wild in the Hollow, but I know it will be good. I’ve been reading Amber’s blog since its birth, and I trust her in the journey she is getting ready to take me on. I’ve been looking forward to the book’s release for a long, long time.

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Yarn Along


I am trying to finish my pillow cover…I was just about to begin the decrease when, distracted in the car, I dropped a bunch of stitches. Even with a lifeline in, I couldn’t figure out how to fix it, and thus had to frog it all the way back and begin again. I am determined!

I read All the Light We Cannot See on our travels through hills and curves and long long roads, next to the river, the wind whispering in the trees…there is no wonder why it won the Pulitzer. It will shatter you, knit you back together. I have no words but tears. Absolutely five stars.

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String me a line…


The knitting traveling plan is to replenish my rather bedraggled washcloth stack. I can knit it from memory without a pattern and without looking at it, which are both necessary for car knitting! I finished Counting By Sevens with a kleenex box at my side. Oh my word. It is so very good, but goodness you will need tissues! It’ll make you notice and love the family you have all around you.

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Art Friday: Leaf Prints!


On our morning walk one day, we found these huge leaves on the ground as big as the children’s heads. We brought them home to make leaf prints the old fashioned way with a hammer and some pressing but it didn’t work very well. We switched to some paint instead. The kids really had fun with this and the supplies are super simple: leaves, washable paint, and watercolor paper. You could probably use a smoother, less sturdy paper, but this was the only type we had big enough for these leaves. Lorelei pointed out that you could cut the prints out when you were done, maybe to make a garland or a mobile, but we didn’t do that with these. So much fun.

Reading and knitting…


Work on my pillow cover continues apace. I had to put a lifeline in after the slippery bamboo yarn fell off the slippery bamboo needles for the third time. I love both the yarn and the needles (which continue to smooth with use) but I’m not sure the combination is a good one. I’ve found the fabric to finish it with, so now it’s just finishing the knitting portion!

In the reading basket, oldies but goodies. Beauty for Ashes by Grace Livingston Hill starts out a bit cliche (she relies on bad guy/good guy stereotypes a lot) but then gets pretty good a few chapters in. It’s very interesting to read the nearly hundred year old story in light of all the Ashley Madison brouhaha, as the story begins with an affair. It made me think a lot about grief too, but I can’t really talk about it or I give away all the good stuff! I’ve had Keeping House by Margret Kim Peterson on my bookshelf for years and years. Someone quoted her on Instagram recently and I thought it was time for a re-read. I remember really loving it when I first got it, early in my marriage.

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