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Busy and quiet week this week. I felt like I was barely keeping up with the food needs this week. The Chicken Pot Pie Soup from last week’s list was a big hit, though. We’ll definitely be making that again. The middle picture is an example of afternoon snacks I do for the children. That day it was half a rice roller and banana with unfiltered Spiced Apple Cider. It is usually a fruit and something savory (all healthy), although we do have cookies on Fridays as a celebration that the weekend is ahead. I had a chance while waiting in line somewhere to edit my Pinterest Recipe board to be all Gluten Free or easy to substitute . I may have missed a few. You can also look at my husband’s board for more GF ideas.

Our dinner plans for this week:

Bean Casserole (Family recipe)


CP Italian Chicken

Taco Salad (GF Substitutions)

SC Butternut Squash & Red Lentil Stew

Shepherd’s Pie

Red Beans & Rice

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This Week in My Kitchen (Oct 12)

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