And be awfully cute doing it.

Oh, we should just ‘fess up and admit to the fact that she’s the baby and we love her to pieces and she’s just this side of spoiled.

She likes to give hugs- want one?

And she loves to wave.

And she’s walking.

Seems just yesterday her older sister was just beginning to walk, but that sweet one is getting all set for her big ballet debut. How in the world was I gifted with being mama to these amazing girls? Can I just have a moment? They’re taking my breath away.

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She’s gonna rule da world…

One thought on “She’s gonna rule da world…

  • May 22, 2012 at 7:37 pm

    They are just beautiful Joy. The moments slip by so quickly, don’t they? It seemed I just turned around and our children were grown and gone. But they come back, and they bring those precious grandchildren with them. Absolutely delight.


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