Keeping it in mind…

Oh boy. Yesterday was one of those days. Just about everything that could have possibly gone wrong between the hours of six and nine am happened- it even involved an impromptu re-appearance by daddy to save the day, who left work momentarily. Trust me. It was bad.

And then, just about the time I finally had everyone settled down to learn late in the morning, the power went out. In our whole house. (Did I mention we were in the ~pitch dark~ basement?) Needless to say, the uproar began again because the younger children were terrified- and the bigs and I had to somehow find Miss Elliana, who had crawled back into the darkest corner of the playroom just before the power went out. Fun times. Absolutely.

I called off schooling on account of life. ;)

Anyhow. I was journaling last night, and thought I’d make myself a little reminder. To be frank, I totally forgot to pray a couple of times. I wasn’t listening either, and I missed time in the Word. I was just plain Alexander-no-good-very-bad-day-ish. Thankful for friends who prayed while I went and took a nap…and that I remembered to pray when I woke up!

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One thought on “Keeping it in mind…

  1. Sorry you had one of those days.
    Loved the reminder. My day was long and hard yesterday in different ways….mostly because I wasn’t looking where I was going but behind and ahead.
    New mercies today for both of us, my friend.

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