: for warm Indian summer weather before winter settles down with her drizzly cloak

: for fuzzy croc shoes that keep David's toes warm (he who likes to remove shoes and socks at first opportunity)

: for good books that inspire

: for the council of the wise

: for things far better than silver and gold: wisdom, freedom, peace, rest

: for the chance to create art for the church

: for hex pipe and zip ties and drills and a husband who knows so much about mechanical things (oh the lengths we go for art….heeeeeee)

: stolen moments of movie watching and laughter with my husband while we wrestled with an unwieldly frame for the artwork that wanted to zig when we wanted it to zag

: for the fact that nine years later, we're still laughing, kissing, and whispering Songs…

: for my whirly girl who twirls and laughs and reminds me of grace, everyday

: for David's string of babbles fast turning into words and sentences, the beginnings of language and expression

: for my Isaiah, who loves his hot shower almost as much as his mama does ( he who used to scream in outright terror at the thought of falling water- I never thought I'd see the day he would like to take a shower, let alone luxuriate in it!)

: for Ben, whose curious mind and constant questions amaze, delight, and stump me on a daily basis

: for my beloved Husband, who is strength in my weakness, peace in my passion, and my better half in every way

: for family come to visit soon

: for the anticipation of fun and food, for fellowship and love and the laughter of friends

: that the Lord's mercies are new every morning,

                                Great is His Faithfulness!


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A song of praise…

2 thoughts on “A song of praise…

  • November 23, 2009 at 11:21 am

    Just realized that I didn’t have to unpack. Just wash laundry, evaluate what to bring and anticipate the visit. Love you all!


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