This Week in My Kitchen (Oct 19)

Joining with Heather in sharing a love of whole foods and the kitchen arts.


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Have you eaten a rainbow today? is the question I use to check in with myself and my needs each day. It’s a simple reminder to make sure that my food choices are as colorful and healthy as possible. In the fall season, things lean decidedly towards the orange and earthy colors. We really enjoy butternut squash this time of year, and as I’m sure you’ve noticed from week to week, it is making a regular appearance. Don’t let perfect be an enemy of good. As I said on Instagram in regards to the Shepherd’s Pie- colorful? Check! Frozen? Check! Is my family eating healthy tonight? Check! We’ve basically been eating the same variation of meals for the last two or so months, and we’re all happy with that. Things will be changing soon as November and December come on with the holiday flavors. Soups are starting to feature more prominently. Do the best you can with what you have.

Our dinner plans this week:

Taco Bowls

Butternut Squash Enchilada Casserole

Loaded Baked Potato Soup

Chicken Pot Pie Soup

Red Beans & Rice

Elegant Chicken


Sharing with Heather.


Yarn Along: Third Time’s a Charm

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The cowl is finished, and just in time for the weather to turn cold. This is the first piece of knitting that I made expressly for myself, and I dearly love it. When it was finished the other day, I laughed to see various family members stopping by the knitting basket to ‘pet’ the super-soft, warm cowl. I’m not sure what I’d like to start on next. I was gifted some glorious Madeline Tosh yarn and I’d like to make Katherine’s Martinmas sweater, but I swear, I’m almost afraid to mess up the yarn trying! I seem to make so many (easy, rookie) mistakes (like yarn overs) and I just…it’s so pretty and nummy and what if I mess it up? Decisions, decisions.

I finished Mockingjay (The Final Book of The Hunger Games). It seems my predictions about Gale were true. I was so unbelievably sad when Finnick died- after all he had been through and experienced and sacrificed, to die in the sewers seemed especially unjust. At least he had some time with Annie. And Peeta. Man oh man oh man. Wow. And Prim! And President Snow! And, and, and, and….wow. It is definitely a roller coaster ride to the end. And Katniss. I have to say, she’s the first heroine in literature lately that is represented honestly. I deeply appreciate that as a woman. She doesn’t win on beauty. She doesn’t win on wit. She doesn’t even on win on skill. She doesn’t win, period. She loses so much. In the end, she lives, and that is enough, and that is the brave thing. To bring forth life into so much death and brokenness-that was her true act of bravery. To let love win. If there’s anything I carry away from this series, it is that. So so good.

Sharing with Ginny.

More buried treasure and why I need a better system…

I keep thinking I’ve found the last of my completed pages waiting for albums, and then I find a few more. I really think this is the last of them, because there are no more un-cleaned-out storage boxes that could fit 12 x 12 pages…but…I could be wrong. These were completed this February, I think. I never would have thought I had so many little cubby holes that these got shoved into. I have more than enough to go into an album, but some of these belong in the children’s albums. Currently all of our albums are stored in a leather ottoman behind our couch. When we found the ottoman originally, it was the perfect solution for the scrapbooks- they were perfectly accessible but also protected. Alas, alack, I have very rough and tumble boys and that poor ottoman is a lot worse for wear. I need to have a better system for storing completed pages until they can get put in the albums and I also need a better system of knowing what stories need to be told from what has already been covered. Don’t even get me started on my digital files…anyways. Enjoy!

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She who…

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She who reconciles the ill-matched threads

Of her life, and weaves them gratefully

Into a single cloth-

It’s she who drives the loudmouths from the hall

And clears it for a different celebration.

-Rainer Maria Rilke

I haven’t jumped on the 31 days train this year, but there are a few writers’ series that have been truly helping me to reconcile those threads. Perhaps you’d enjoy them too?

Hannah E. Vazquez- Good Grief: 31 Days

Emily P. Freeman- 31 Artists Who Influence

Elizabeth Foss- 31 Days of Running Into Myself

This Week in My Kitchen (Oct 12)

Joining Heather in sharing a love of whole foods and the kitchen arts.


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Busy and quiet week this week. I felt like I was barely keeping up with the food needs this week. The Chicken Pot Pie Soup from last week’s list was a big hit, though. We’ll definitely be making that again. The middle picture is an example of afternoon snacks I do for the children. That day it was half a rice roller and banana with unfiltered Spiced Apple Cider. It is usually a fruit and something savory (all healthy), although we do have cookies on Fridays as a celebration that the weekend is ahead. I had a chance while waiting in line somewhere to edit my Pinterest Recipe board to be all Gluten Free or easy to substitute . I may have missed a few. You can also look at my husband’s board for more GF ideas.

Our dinner plans for this week:

Bean Casserole (Family recipe)


CP Italian Chicken

Taco Salad (GF Substitutions)

SC Butternut Squash & Red Lentil Stew

Shepherd’s Pie

Red Beans & Rice

Sharing with Heather.


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